While registering, all authors are kindly requested to credit a sum of 1.500,000 rials online for the initial paper review to the account number 21771290044003 or to SHABA No. 3701700000021771290044003 (the account for exclusive revenue of Vice Chancellor of Research of Alzahra University), or from a bank, and then send a copy of the receipt to HP.H@alzahra.ac.ir.



Receiving Articles

-         All articles of a scientific value are received for review and potentially published.

-         The editorial board is entitled to accept, reject, and correct or modify the articles.

-         Prioritization and publication of articles are based on the approval of the article by the judges and the editorial board. 

-         The author is Corresponding Author  for contents of the article.

Regulations Related to Articles

The authors are requested to follow the following regulations in presentation of their articles:

  1. The articles must be submitted through the electronic portal of the magazine (hph.alzahra.ac.ir).
  2. The articles must contain the following chapters:

-         Abstract in Persian and English (not exceeding 200 words)

-         Key words and concepts of the project (maximum 5 words)

-         Introduction, including the research problem and its background, research method, and objectives

-         Discussion and study of the hypothesis (hypotheses), and proper analyses on the subject

-         Conclusion

-         List of sources

  1. Sources divided by language (Persian/Arabic and Latin) must be listed in alphabetic order in the following format: author’s surname, name, date of publication, title, editor (translator), place of publication, publisher.

    - Note: Translated or translated sources of Persian and Arabic into English.


      for example:


     -          Bordoli, J. M., E. Cuevas and P. Chacon. 1994. The role of soil organic matter in corn (Zea mays L) yield. Plant Science, 15(3):27-35.(Journal)


     -          Mahfoozi, S. And S.H. Sasani. 2009. Vernalization requirement of some wheat and barley genotypes and relationship with expression of cold tolerance under field and controlled condition. Iranian Journal of Field Crop Science, 39(1):113-126.(In Persian with English abstract)


     -          Kafi, M., M. Lahouti, A. Zand, H.R. Sharifi and M. Gholdani. 1999. Plant Physiology. Jahade- e-Daneshghahi Mashhad Press(In Persian)


    1. References must be made within the text including the author’s name, date of publication, and address of the quoted text within parentheses; for example (Hosseini, 2006: 1/133).
    2. The article may include maximum 6500 words, i.e. about 20 pages, typed in Microsoft Word environment.
    3. Latin equivalent of specific terms and concepts must be mentioned in footnotes.
    4. Author(s)’s details (full name, scientific grade, telephone number of the author and the related university or institute, and e-mail address) must be sent in a separate file (not within the article).
    5. Articles can be published in foreign languages (English, Arabic, French, etc) provided that:
      1. The author doesn’t speak Persian.
      2. The Persian speaking authors may publish articles in foreign languages when publishing such articles is deemed necessary for a specific reason (by the editorial board).